A Birthday to remember


Is there someone you love having a big birthday?

A Personality Portrait is the best way to show them how much they mean to you! 

Tell me your stories

You can keep a running list of stories about our 'subject' or let me interview you about them. I won't stop asking questions until I feel like I truly know this person. 

In this photo, Dennis was turning 60. Dennis is the oldest brother out of 11 siblings. His younger brother, Thom expressed to me how much Dennis meant to him, he looked up to him. He told me how hard Dennis worked and how much he loves his family.  It's my job to reveal that deep expression of love.

Gather key photos

You will let me borrow photos to help me put together their Personality Portrait. Maybe their pets, or car, or a childhood home. If you don't have a photo, sometimes I can find a likeness on the internet.

Let me do the rest!

All I need our your stories! Don't worry about how the painting will be set up. Leave that up to me! I promise you will love it! I won't begin the painting unless I absolutely know where this person's happy place is..that's the key.

Personality Portrait pricing

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