Your life as Art!

Personality Portraits,
Murals, Paint Classes and more!
Original art, for original people! 

You name it, I'll paint it!


Inspiration + art = joy!

Personality Portraits

Personalized art by Kristin Lorson. I create an original watercolor and ink style art for you.

A painting about 'WHO' you are! I gather your stories, inside jokes, all important information that tells your story. You let me borrow key photos that I will use for reference to create your unique Personality Portrait. 

Paint Classes


I teach acrylic painting classes for all ages. A party with your friends or a bonding event for your coworkers, church group, club. A fun time for everyone. You will follow along with me and create your own art.



I specialize in creating murals that tell stories. I gather details, history, photos, whatever it takes to make a unique mural that tells your businesses story. Whether it's art for a Bookmobile or a Museum.

Wedding Gifts

Personalized wedding gifts, a caricature of you and your future spouse, wedding tree

Let me create a unique guest book for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Add your pets, too! Guests sign the mat.  Or let me create a wedding tree for guests to leave their thumb print. 

Mascots or Logos


Does your company have a mascot or a character that you use in brochures and ads? I can create a fun cartoon that you can use in your print material. Try branding your business with Personality!

Cartoon maps for corporations, town events and more!


I can help you with your town event or maybe you want a fun personalized map to get guests to your reception hall.

Creating The Pleasant Hill Lake Park Mural

90 square feet, Took 86.5 hours to paint, 13 days. 

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