Murals and other large scale art

Vehicle Wraps


This is the Wayne County Public Library Bookmobile. I was able to send my art electronically to a company in North Carolina that then created the wrap. Skies the limit on the possibilities of what I can send to be printed onto vehicles as well as buildings.

Exterior Art


Just as the vehicle wraps are done, this art was created in my home and electronically sent to the sign maker. Then, they were printed to special material to withstand weather and sun.

Large Scale Murals


This interior wall of a liquor store was hand drawn by me and painted by me. I did the  concept, as well. All I was told was to create a mural about 'how wine was made'. A beautiful piece that was torn down to make room for a new business. 

Detailed Murals


I can take your businesses history and compile this information to create a beautiful mural. Whether it is for you companies 50th Anniversary or you would like to 'tell the story' of what your club is all about(HPAC mural for Orrville High School)

Larger Canvas Art


I enjoy painting large flowers and more. Maybe you have a flower in mind that you would love to hang as a 'statement' piece in you office or home. Let me know! I can create it for you!

Specialized Murals


This mural was uniquely created for the customers 'movie room'. I love the look of Al Hirschfeld's line art. And, since this was just in someone's basement and not for resale, I took the likenesses of a few of his stars and made a fun display. I rarely imitate another's work. This was an exception.